B2C SaaS Growth Marketing – Digital Marketing Generalist – N or S America

Custody X Change · Jul 9th 2018

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Headquarters: Utah, USA URL: https://www.custodyxchange.com

I'm hiring someone as a one-person marketing department to help grow my B2C SaaS business. We have a lot of low-hanging fruit, and I hope you can achieve great results. Previous experience with growth marketing in a B2C SaaS environment is preferred.

This is a great time for you to apply your skills because we are going through a business and product transition. We are transitioning away from selling downloadable software as a one-time purchase, to selling an online web-app as a subscription. This involves completely changing our customer journey and sales focus, and we need your help!

Your role includes:

  • Increasing renewal rates on our new SaaS B2C web-app
  • Customer success to help with onboarding, usability, and marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Using data and analytics to find opportunities
  • Marketing creatives: text, images, videos
  • Sales to professionals
  • Growing the business using other methods of your own initiative
  • Measuring the success of your tasks

Your role does NOT include:

  • Social media marketing of any kind (social media is useless for our business)
  • SEO / PPC (these roles are taken care of other people)

I'd like to hire you if you:

  • Have experience in growth marketing in a B2C SaaS environment
  • Look for opportunities instead of simply being told what to do
  • Speak fluent English, though you can live anywhere in North or South America
  • Want to work from home in a long-term position
  • And we get along; to see the team you'll be joining, visit our about us page

My company is called Custody X Change. I've been working on the business since 2004. We sell a web application that creates child custody schedules and parenting plans. It also helps families make difficult decisions post-divorce/separation, and facilities communication between two parents who may not get along very well anymore. All of this reduces a lot of conflict and saves people a ton of money in legal fees.

If you want to grow a genuinely helpful product, and join a small, distributed team, then we should talk.

To apply, email me at careers@custodyxchange.com, and:

  • Include your resume in PDF format
  • Somehow use the word "grape" in the subject of your email
  • Answer the following questions in your email, in this order. For questions 2-7, 100+ word answers preferred, and attach screenshots if applicable. If you haven't used a tactic before, simply say so. As social media and SEO aren't part of this role, please don't use those as examples, if you have other examples to share.
  1. Where do you live?
  2. How have you increased renewal rates for a B2C SaaS product?
  3. How have you used customer success/support/experience to grow a business?
  4. How have you used conversion rate optimization principles successfully?
  5. How have you used data and analytics to grow a business?
  6. What's a marketing creative (text / image / video) that you created that did particularly well?
  7. What's another way you grew a business?
  8. How many hours per week do you want to work, and what would you be happy earning, in this long-term, remote position?

Note: agencies need not apply; I'm looking for an employee or contractor to join our team.



P.S. I want you to be happy working for me. I'll pay you a good salary and you can work normal hours. I care about results, not bureaucracy.

To apply: Follow the instructions in the description.

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