Freelance Software QA Tester - iPhone iOS

test IO · May 17th 2018

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Headquarters: Remote

You'll be working as a freelance tester using your iPhone iOS (models 7, 8, or X), with opportunities to participate in test runs at your own discretion. You don't need to have experience in software QA (though you'll get up to speed faster if you do), but you'll need to stick with it if you've never done it before. If you haven't tested before, here are some key success factors:

  • You read instructions and understand them. If the instructions say that something is out of scope and you test it, you’re wasting your own time.
  • You communicate precisely in English. Bug reporting is a particular form of communication that demands precision, concise wording, and logical ordering.
  • You are curious. The best testers aren’t robots who follow a script. They like things that seem mysterious. They deviate from the Happy Path. They like to experiment with apps.
  • You spot patterns. Similar bugs occur in unrelated software systems, so being able to sense patterns is very helpful.
  • You like games. There does seem to be a high degree of overlap between testers and gamers. Part of it is the thrill of the hunt, and the desire to understand the rules of a system and how to beat them.

When you start as a tester at test IO, you'll get coaching from team leaders, then participate in test cycles with more experienced testers. You'll get the opportunity to see the kinds of issues they find and how they find them, so you'll be able to learn as you go along.

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