Director of Marketing & Operations

The Forcing Function · May 7th 2018

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Director of Marketing and Operations

I’m looking for an ambitious self-starter to help me systematize and scale my expanding productivity coaching business, The Forcing Function. An ideal candidate is organized, detail-oriented, and comfortable working in an early stage startup environment with high levels of autonomy and ambiguity.

This position is for the rest of 2018, if not beyond. There will be plenty of opportunities to increase your levels of responsibility and compensation along the way.


  • $20/hour, 20 hours/week with a flexible schedule (US time-zone availability)
  • Remote position (work from home and become location-independent!)
  • Any books or courses related to our work together will be fully-covered
  • Internalize the habits and business growth strategies of high-performers
  • Guaranteed leveling up in multiple areas of your life

How you can help:

Marketing and Content Creation

  • Helping create compelling written and video content
  • Implementing best practices on Medium to improve virality and readability
  • Managing social media presence and increasing follower engagement
  • Accelerating the publishing process for my book, Inflection Point
  • Leading all email marketing and website optimization (Mailchimp/Wordpress)
  • Acting as my brand ambassador and champion in online communities

Maximizing Client Success

  • Acting as community manager for my client Slack community, The Brain Trust
  • Researching client industries to make sure advice is maximally actionable
  • Distilling best practices of top performers to identify universal principles
  • Identifying real-time opportunities to help propel clients through roadblocks

Operations and Business Development

  • Helping plan and execute Founder’s School, my two-day productivity workshop
  • Securing and managing partnerships for business growth and expanded offerings
  • Identifying, securing, and planning for speaking opportunities such as conferences, workshops, classes, webinars, interviews, and podcasts
  • Running point on special projects related to the business as they arise

To apply: To apply, complete an application at and record a YouTube video (instructions below) by the deadline of May 20th. If selected, I will contact you to set up a 30 minute Skype interview. YouTube Requirements: (< 1 min) Why are you interested in working with me? (< 1 min) What skills or experience make you the best fit for this position? (< 1 min) What are your best practices for being productive? (1-2 min) What do you think is the biggest opportunity to grow The Forcing Function? Why? Upload the video to YouTube as unlisted and enter the URL into the application. Videos uploaded as private or with lengths over 5 minutes will not be considered.

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