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Bolt Labs · Apr 14th 2018

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Cloning Banano Wallet and minor changes to node


We have successfully cloned Banano and have an operational node. However, we need some additional assistance with the node and with building the desktop wallet. This is an open source project; you will be able to contribute publicly with your github account. In your proposal, please send a link to your github so we can verify you have contributed to other cryptocurrency projects in the past.

We need the following tasks completed by the 18th. If you cannot complete by that date, please provide the earliest date you can complete by.

> Modify Node: ---Update genesis block to generate appropriate number of tokens/burn tokens. ---Send all tokens to a wallet our organization controls. ---Create a way to lock certain accounts so they cannot send until after certain date. A hardcoded list in the node is fine. Build wallet: ---Update branding, name to match our project's info instead of Banano. ---Update address prefixing to match our project instead of Bananos (ban_) ---Successfully build and demonstrate the desktop wallet by sending tokens.

SKILLS REQUIRED: C++, Cryptocurrency,GitHub,TypeScript

BUDGET: $2000 - $5000 (Please give us a quote when apply)

Apply on GitHub Jobs