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American Museum of Natural History · Apr 13th 2018

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(American Museum of Natural History, NYC)

AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY Meet the Relatives Interactive Scope of Work

The American Museum of Natural History is seeking a developer to update its Meet the Relatives interactive.



The freelance vendor will create an updated version of Meet the Relatives using Javascript and HTML5. Specifically, the developer will:

  1. Move all the introductory text from the beginning of the interactive to the end.
  2. Provide users with the ability to choose whether to compare two or three species.
  3. Add scale to each image so that users can understand the relative size of the bones.
  4. Add a “snapshot” feature so that users can save a screenshot of their current view to upload into course assignments.
  5. Add a back button.
  6. Update the images with hi-res versions that are zoomable.
  7. Add a fourth category - hands - to the three existing bone structures.

The project work will be conducted in three phases over four months (June - September 2018). Please note: only vendors who are incorporated will be considered for the position, and vendors with prior experience are preferred.

Phase 1 – Review and Design (June)

  • Review and understand existing interactive and assignment.
  • Review storyboard, design, and updated assignment created by AMNH staff.
  • Meet with AMNH staff to identify the resources to be provided (existing images, new images, updated text, etc.)

Phase 2 – Development (July - August)

  • Receive new and existing digital resources and updated text from AMNH staff.
  • Create first draft of updated interactive based on the final storyboard and design.

Phase 3 - Revisions and Finalization (September)

  • AMNH staff may provide up to three rounds of revisions.
  • Final files will be delivered to AMNH by August 31, 2018.


  • Use the latest web standards and logical, well-structured, and commented code.
  • Communicate regularly with AMNH staff.
  • Meet project deadlines.

Interested vendors should submit a letter of interest, resume, portfolio, and rate/cost to by April 27th, 2018.


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