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Lat Long · Apr 12th 2018

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Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY + Springfield, MO URL: https://latlo.ng

The ideal candidate is someone with strong WooCommerce experience who can spearhead back end development of a medium-sized store with multiple 3rd party integrations.

  • Lat Long is a web development team specialized in crafting sites and products for clients who are pushing the boundaries of travel, science and exploration. Our team is remote with offices in Brooklyn, NY and Springfield, MO.
  • We are beginning a project with Airstream to expand their brand beyond trailers and into lifestyle and design goods that take advantage of their iconic aesthetic. The final digital product will be an eCommerce experience deeply rooted in editorial content.
  • The overall timeline of the project has a soft launch in July with full public launch in August.
  • We are looking for an individual or small existing team to handle WooCommerce customization and integration.
What this role will entail
  • While you'll be a resource for the front end team, your responsibilities will be solely within the back end of the site. This will include creating/customizing useful APIs for the front end team to interact with WooCommerce data.
  • Customizing WooCommerce interfaces and functionality to make an admin interface that is enjoyable and approachable for non-technical users to manage their store function and inventory.
  • Develop integrations and API endpoints for 3rd party systems to share data about inventory levels, transactions, user profiles and more. Integrations will also include payment gateway(s) and marketing tools.
  • Exact requirements for the store and integrations have not been finalized. This makes exact scope difficult to determine now, but you will have an active role in defining the approach and solutions that are employed.
  • There will likely be other aspects of the back-end WordPress setup that you'll be asked to tackle or assist with, but the primary focus will be on WooCommerce and integrations.
The ideal person will:
  • Have extensive experience with WooCommerce and be comfortable developing customized workflows and offering qualified opinions about how best to use WooCommerce in various situations.
  • Have relevant WooCommerce examples in their portfolio along with references
  • Be well-versed in using WooCommerce and WordPress REST APIs to facilitate front end interfaces that are independent of WordPress. We anticipate the front end of the site will use some flavor of the React toolkit.
  • Be comfortable working independently with a remote team. You'll be expected to share rolling updates about your progress toward goals and attend periodic video chats about project status.
  • Be familiar with the usual remote team toolkit: Slack, GitHub, Google Docs/Sheets, etc
  • Have a flexible approach to most things - we aren't strictly agile or waterfall, we aren't zealots about LESS vs SCSS vs SASS and while OOP is a goal, it is not a hill worth dying on.
  • Actively document their work. The final product will be handed off to the client's existing teams for long-term support and they will require useful introduction to the technical choices and solutions.
  • Be an individual or a small team - we aren't opposed to teams applying, but we do want to have personal interaction with the person writing code, so small 1-3 person teams might be the best fit.
  • Have an adventurous spirit with an interest in travel, adventure, exploration or science. We look for partners that explore the real world with a keen interest for discovery and growth.
  • While you don't need a CS degree, you should have significant experience as a professional developer with a portfolio of eCommerce projects and available references.

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