Django / React Developer @ SilverLogic

SilverLogic · Apr 12th 2018

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We're a software development agency, and we're interested in you :D

We're looking for developers with experience (on the job or on the side) in

  • Django REST framework
  • JavaScript (React in particular)
  • Interest in design or DevOps is a plus

Our Interview Process

  • An informational call for you to get to know us (and vice versa)
  • A "whiteboard" interview in Google Docs for you to demonstrate you can use git and know what a for loop is
  • A short take-home assignment to demonstrate your ability in Django and React. It's small and there's no time limit, as we realize you have a life.

If you would like to apply, please send an updated resume with links to sample code to the contact e-mail on this site.

About Us

We are an equal opportunity employer headquartered in in Boca Raton, Florida, and we develop software for small businesses and existing enterprises using the Agile/Scrum philosophy.

If you love variety, teamwork, and continuous improvement, we'd love to have you apply to join our team.

Thank you, The SilverLogic (TSL) Team

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