Senior Cloud Architect for Geospatial Intelligence Software

Ibex Aegis, Inc. · Apr 10th 2018

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Your Role:

Design and implement cloud based intelligence platform that uses distributed sensors and airborne imagery to detect potential threats to our customer's physical assets. You will be the first full time hire and in the within four months it is anticipated that you will lead a team of comprised of a DevOps engineer, and an additional software engineer. As such, your job will be to establish best practices, implement short term deliverables, and assist in identifying the best members for the team.

Your Opportunity:

  • Engineer and implement solutions for processing large volumes of disparate data

  • Earn equity at a promising start up with ties to NVIDIA, AWS, and Google

What you'll need:

  • Bachelor's Degree or Master's degree in a technical field such as Computer Science, Information Technology Engineering or equivalent work experience

  • Strong Linux experience

  • Strong experience with the Agile software development methodology and collaboration with internal teams to deliver software and configuration artifacts

  • Experience in scripting languages including Bash and Python

  • Experience with Docker or similar container solution

  • Experience with orchestration tooling such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm

  • Experience working with AWS APIs

And Ideally:

  • 2+ years Experience building or working with RHEL packages

  • 1+ years Experience deploying distributed, microservice oriented applications      

We’re committed to promoting Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) at Ibex Aegis - through all equal employment opportunity laws and regulations at the international, federal, state and local levels.*

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