Elm (or Elm-ish) Developer @ CollegeVine

CollegeVine · Apr 10th 2018

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CollegeVine is seeking an Elm or PureScript developer to help engineer inviting front-end experiences that have real social impact.

At CollegeVine, our mission is to level the playing field of higher education attainment, regardless of socioeconomic status. To do this, we intend to make virtual guidance services available and affordable for all through a combination of near-peer mentorship and technology. We have an unending list of interesting problems to solve: how to predict if someone will be a good mentor for a given student; how to manage tens of thousands of high-quality, ongoing human relationships simultaneously; how to ingest thousands of applications requirements and produce an optimal plan of attack—just to name a few.

Our ideal candidate for this role satisfies three requirements:

  1. You have proven experience in Elm or PureScript (or even Haskell, F#, or OCaml, but want to apply your talents to the front-end) and want to get even better.
  2. You have a product-focused mindset; this means you prioritize business value and project delivery above academic interests related to the language.
  3. You are discerning about engineering culture. Some keywords for ours are growth-oriented, genuine, self-aware, pragmatic, autonomous, mindful, and remote-friendly.

Note: We may have a more junior role available in the near future, but this one is not it! If you'd like to be considered for that role when it opens up, please apply for this one and note in your cover letter that you are interested in a junior role. We will add your resume to our database for future consideration.

Your first month
  • Onboard rapidly in a pre-existing codebase. We loved the ideas behind Elm but felt that we could do it better in PureScript (we started off as a bunch of senior Haskell devs), so we made our own Elm-ish framework. It works almost exactly like Elm, except in (our opinion) a more powerful language.
  • Begin building a relationship with your manager in a weekly one-on-one. We'll discuss who you are, how you got here, what's important to you, how you want to grow, and anything else that matters to you.
  • Pair program with some of the senior devs on the team who have been doing FP for many years
  • Ship code to production within your first week
Your third month
  • Become autonomous in our codebase, having completed at least one small feature on your own and on your way to delivering a much larger one with much more business value.
  • Develop a deeper intuition for our various product lines. Begin having ideas about how you might impact their success.
  • Receive detailed feedback on your progress relative to our expectations. Give detailed feedback on our progress relative to your expectations.
  • If you are remote, have visited HQ at least once by now and joined us for our regular course of company social events.
Your first year
  • Build deep expertise in one or more areas of the code.
  • Try your hand at a few full-stack problems. If you know Elm and PureScript, Haskell is just a short hop away. And all the other languages are basically easy at this point.
  • Develop a reputation for shipping and delivering business value early while also pushing code quality forward along the axes that you care about.
  • Stay accountable to your personal development goals that you have discussed with your manager.
  • Gain clarity on where you want to go next in your career. We'll help you get there.
Other considerations
  • This position can be remote for the right person. Please be aware that the interview process may be slightly more drawn out for remote candidates if you are only able to do full-time right away. If you are able to contract with us first, we are much less risk-averse. Please mention your relevant situation in your cover letter.
  • We are pragmatically polyglot. Here's what we are serving in production: Haskell, PureScript, JS, Ruby, Python, Bash, PHP (don't worry - custom Wordpress blog plugin that we wrote long ago and never touched since), R, SQL.
  • Old-school ed-tech user experiences are not acceptable to us. Our software must impress and work for a wide audience since we serve students and their families. On any given day, your code will be run by high schoolers, college students, young professionals, guidance counselors, parents, and grandparents from all walks of life.
  • Please submit a cover letter. We read them carefully and it forms our first impression of you.
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance with a generous employer contribution.
  • Regular team dinners and company outings.
  • A culture of mentorship. Become the near-peer mentor for one (or more!) of our consultants or program managers and be the help you wish you had when you were in college.
  • Flexible hours with a 4-hour core - plan the rest of your workday as you wish, just give us the majority of your most creative hours. Productivity ideas: avoid traffic, never wait in line at the grocery store, wake up without an alarm clock, be around for your family.
  • Goal-based environment (as opposed to grind-based or decree-based environment; work smarter, not harder; intelligently, not mindlessly). We collaborate on setting goals, but you set your own process for accomplishing those goals. You will be entrusted with a lot of responsibility and you might even experience fulfillment and self-actualization as a result.
  • Join an engineering culture that celebrates mindfulness and takes the quality of your attention seriously. We don't spam our slack channels; your manager will not come tap you on the shoulder asking for pointless things; we write things down after we discuss them in person; we try to minimize meetings.

Expect autonomy in exchange for transparency and results. Since you are well-read, curious, and self-aware, we will treat you like the awesome, interesting adult that you are. We have core hours and a goal-based environment; we understand mindfulness and the value of deep focus. We're chasing a big idea and we need every good teammate we can find.

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