Software Engineer

Inmar · Apr 9th 2018

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ABOUT YOU You are a passionate developer that understands a developer’s needs. You have practical experience building sophisticated applications on-premise and in-cloud (e.g. AWS). You think of servers as ephemeral in nature – you can replicate an entire application stack on any infrastructure, on-premises or in-cloud. Your role as a developer is not just writing code, but shipping and running it fully and be responsible for uptime in production. You pick a language, runtime, library, framework that makes most sense to the solve the problem at hand – yes that might mean Haskell or Go language in some cases. You strive continuously to improve the quality, reliability, availability of the product/service, yet balance that with speed to deliver. You are not afraid of calling out the obvious, though your opinion might be in the minority. Your communication style is to continuously follow-up and seek feedback to make progress.

WHAT YOU’D BE DOING Under general supervision of the engineering manager, the software Engineer is a full-stack engineer designing, developing, deploying and supporting applications built in the cloud. The applications might be legacy applications, being replatformed or brand new applications that are built from scratch. As a full-stack engineer, some of your work will involve database, some building API and yet some others involved in writing front-end code spanning across a plethora of application types – Transaction systems, analytical systems, tools and scripts automating processes, data-automation, building visualizations and so on.


  • Design, develop, test, deploy, and support new software solutions and changes to existing software solutions supporting a robust autonomous infrastructure

  • Troubleshoot technical issues in a variety of application environments

  • Analyze data, transform and script automation for optimization, de-duplication.

  • Translate business requirements and product specifications into components of complex, loosely-coupled, distributed systems

  • Maintain a focus on rapid delivery of new features to market while maintaining stability and uptime

  • Maintain familiarity with the evolving trends in software development


  • B.S. in computer science or information systems fields required, or 5+ years related work experience.

  • Experience working with Agile and/or Lean software development approaches.

  • Strong Experience developing and writing code in any of the programming languages – Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Go

  • Experience in design, code reviews for building scalable web applications.

  • Experience building solutions with a majority of the following AWS services: EC2, ECS, VPC, S3, RDS, Redshift, CloudFront, Direct Connect, Route 53, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, IAM, Certificate Manager, Elasticsearch Service, Kinesis, SNS, SQS, Lambda

  • Experience with continuous integration and continuous delivery methodologies, tools and services

  • Experience with Docker

  • Experience building sophisticated, secure software applications with modern APIs

  • Experience with common service discovery systems like Consul, Zookeeper, etc.; NoSQL databases such as Mongo, Couchbase, Dynamodb; queueing and streaming systems such as Kafka, Kinesis, RabbitMQ, etc.

  • Web application development experience leveraging JavaScript, a popular front-end framework such as AngularJS, relational or NoSQL databases are all pluses.

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