Front-End Developer

Mapillary · Apr 9th 2018

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Front-End Developer

Job description We’re in a search of skilled front-end developer who loves building great web experiences and have a passion for making complex apps appear simple to users. We’re explicitly looking for developers with experience with large single page apps. You will be building new and efficient front-end applications that will connect to public APIs and maintain the currently used ones. One of your task will be maintaining To get a gist of what we do, check out mapillary-js which is one of our core components you’ll be working with.


  • Fluency in front-end web technology (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS + tooling around the ecosystem).

  • Experience with large SPAs.

  • Experience creating responsive interfaces.

  • Familiarity and fluency in modern build pipeline for JavaScript applications.

  • Bonus: experience with WebGL heavy apps, RxJS and Angular 2.

  • Some of the technologies or frameworks we use: TypeScript, RxJS, Angular 2, Three.js, mapbox-gl-js, PostCSS, basscss, webpack/system-js.

Ps. We support IE11+ :)

Interested? Send us your motivation and cv via the online application form. For more information about our organization, visit

Acquisition is not appreciated.

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