Python Developer

Objectwise Consulting Group · Apr 6th 2018

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Develop something cool.

We have a need for a strong Python developer to join a project team at our IT Security client in Toronto. Candidates must have outstanding communication skills and deep Linux knowledge. Prior big data experience is a plus.  Expected contract duration is ~ 3 months.  

Our client is looking for a rabid Python developer with extensive Linux experience to develop command-line software including command-line user interfaces for a series of data collection and management tasks to operate on a Linux appliance. Practical experience and strong understanding of Python and associated libraries is critical including fundamental knowledge of databases, Unix command line, shell commands, and string/file analysis.

This is an Extreme Programming project with a short initial timeline (4-6 weeks) with a total initial scope of three months. You are responsible for writing the code, test cases and presentation to the stakeholders.

Knowledge of Linux Security, Secure Programming Practices, and Secure Python code is an asset.

During your interview process you will be asked to write a few small scripts to demonstrate your knowledge, coding style and communication methods. Independent work capabilities, excellence communication skills, and drive to build something cool is important

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