European Happiness Manager

Pathable · Apr 4th 2018

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While this is a remote-work position, we are specifically looking for candidates who live in the UK or Western Europe, as the goal is to service our European and APAC clients.

As a Client Happiness Manager, you are the partner and guide for our clients. You’ll master our provisioning and deployment dashboard, you’ll be sweet-talking the important details out of the harried and over-worked event planners that are our customers, preparing and launching the sites, and then providing “best practices” nudges and hand-holding to help them get the most out of the on-line community you built for them. When something goes wrong and a customer calls, hot under the collar, you’re imperturbable. When they finish talking to you, they’re thinking “whew, that’s one less thing I need to worry about!”

We are a software company, which means you should be adept and comfortable with computers, the Internet and the modern way of doing things: you know when to right-click in your browser, you use formulas in Excel, you can tell me why you prefer your mobile device to the one that you don’t have. You know the difference between a text message and a push notification, you check your e-mail somewhat obsessively and you know that sometimes, work has to be done at 1 AM because it has to be done at 1 AM.

You are fun to work with and when a client is difficult to work with, you know how to get your zen on. 

While not a requirement, candidates with sales background will get extra consideration, as we would like the option of making this a split sales / support role.

To apply: Apply through - Please do not phone or email. - We do NOT work with recruiters.

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