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DoneDone · Mar 13th 2018

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DoneDone is a simple issue tracker primarily used by digital agencies to manage the development, testing, and customer support of websites, apps, and other software. We're currently developing a new version of our online presence and revamping our existing product for an anticipated launch later this summer.

We’re looking to remote contract a pragmatic and passionate front-end developer to help us build the following:

  • Near term (the first 4-6 weeks), our brand new marketing site. We're working with an outstanding designer who has already guided us to a visual presence we're really proud of. It's fresh, bright, and speaks to the heart of why we're in business. Now, we need to build it.
  • After that (the next 2-3 months), help enhance the UI and UX of the new version of our web application, working alongside the rest of our small team. We're not starting from scratch -- we have a 7-year old responsive web app that's been maintained with care and is still in great shape. Our backend engineer is also one of our founders. We're committed to building a great product technically.
  • Longer-term, we have a bunch of other work to get to -- from our mobile app to our internal admin tool to continued improvements to the product indefinitely after our re-launch. We'll prioritize what those things are at the right time.


We're a different kind of company than you might've worked with before.

  • We don't believe in “hockey stick” growth. Instead, we aim for steady growth -- one that can be sustained by just a handful of smart people who believe equally in our mission.
  • We consider a balanced and fulfilling work-life as important as profit. We want to be the company our next hire envisions working with for the long-term.


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In order of importance:

  • A diligent, trustworthy self-manager
  • A passion for writing clean, light-weight, maintainable code using first principles (DRY, KISS, YAGNI). We prefer code written well over code written fast.
  • You're strongest skill set is with semantic HTML markup, CSS (using SASS), and responsive design
  • Followed closely by plain-old Javascript and jQuery (we do not use Angular, React, Vue or any other JS framework)
  • Experience creating and maintaining Wordpress sites including some fluency in PHP. We currently use WordPress and WPEngine for our marketing site.
  • Demonstrated design and UX sensibilities
  • Experience working with .NET (Visual Studio, C#, .NET MVC, ASPX). This is the stack we use for our web application. Being this far down the list, it's certainly not crucial, but nice to have.
  • Experience with any other backend languages or frameworks
  • At least 2 years of programming experience
  • Native mobile, iOS and Android development

This is a contract, remote position. We encourage all qualified US citizens to apply for this job.

No recruiters. No direct phone calls. Thank you.

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