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EmpowerDB · Mar 12th 2018

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Headquarters: Boston, MA URL:

EmpowerDB is a cloud based database that provides software and consulting services to non-profits across the United States.  The vast majority of the organizations who use our services are domestic violence and sexual assault support providers.  Our overarching mission is to provide tools and solutions that let the people supporting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault spend more of their time helping people and less of their time struggling with technology.  Our case management tools allow direct service workers to better keep track of their work.  And our innovative reporting tools allow administrators to generate complex reports in a matter of seconds.

EmpowerDB is currently going through a phase of rapid expansion that puts us in the position of being able to hire developers at various positions, both full and part time and across a wide range of skill and experience levels.  We're excited to bring on board and put to good use any qualified candidate who is excited to contribute to our mission.

Our Minimum Requirements Are:

  • More than two years experience using PHP as one of your most utilized languages
  • More than two years experience using Javascript/jQuery as one of your most utilized languages
  • More than two years experience using the SQL query language
  • Obviously, an understanding of core HTML5 and CSS3 concepts
  • Comfortable working independently and with small teams

All of EmpowerDB's current staff live in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  However, we all work from home and communicate via phone and Slack.  Applicants from anywhere in North or South American are encouraged to apply.

Your position will be supporting EmpowerDB's founder and lead developer Steven Jenkins, and will be split evenly across the following three areas:

  • Developing new reporting pages to help organizations with their funder requirements.  Depending on the situation, this will be done by either coding a brand new report in PHP or using one of EmpowerDB's pre-built drag-and-drop reporting tools.
  • Creating new features in EmpowerDB, ResourceConnect (a chat platform we recently released), and building a third product we're excited to release this year 
  • Fixing bugs or filling small gaps in existing features

Our application collects minimal information at first. We look forward to getting to know the select few that we contact further about this position.

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