Data Engineer (Trello)

Atlassian · Mar 9th 2018

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As a Data Engineer at Trello, you’ll work on building and evolving our analytics data pipelines and keeping everything running efficiently as we scale the infrastructure on the way to our goal of 100 million users.

Key Responsibilities

Developing and maintaining the data analytics infrastructure and pragmatically solving problems dealing with complex systems. Taking our series of shell scripts and cron jobs and turning it into a reproducible, reliable system. Working with analysts, data scientists, and developers to support our analytics environment, integrate with the Atlassian data platform, and move our data pipelines closer to real time while balancing between operational and project-based work.

More about you...

  • You've been in the trenches building highly scalable, efficient, and resilient data stores and pipelines.
  • You’re used to collaborating with analysts, data scientists, and developers.
  • You’re comfortable building and scaling the infrastructure needed to move massive quantities of data using one or more of the technologies that make up our AWS-based stack: Redshift, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Salesforce, Kinesis, Airflow.
  • You believe that a data pipeline should be subject to the same engineering rigor as any other application, such as testing, code reviews, and automated deployment.
  • Cloud-based engineering and DevOps are exciting topics for you.
  • Automating away tedium is a reasonable life goal, be it with python or other technologies.
  • You’re a fast learner and ready to jump in quickly.
  • You have an excellent command of written and spoken English.

More about us...

We hire creative people and give them the autonomy and resources to do great work.

Trello is entirely hosted in AWS and its data pipeline includes MongoDB, SQL Server, Snowplow, and Redshift. We currently use Ubuntu, Puppet, Nagios, Kibana/Splunk, Python, and Fabric to tie it all together and keep up with it.

Our office is in New York City (but you don't have to be).

We built Trello to be a remarkably great place to work. All jobs include the incredible benefits listed on our jobs page.

We welcome all applicants regardless of race, color, ethnicity, actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, economic status, ability, disability, religious beliefs or disbeliefs, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, marital status, parental status, or caregiver status.

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