Sports passionate writers for +50 people startup - · Mar 8th 2018

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Headquarters: Copenhagen URL:

We're looking to hire 5 content marketers, each focusing on one of our 5 new categories: hiking, basketball, training (gym, crossfit), sneakers and soccer.

Other than being an excellent writer, applicants must fulfill at least two of these:

  • be passionate about one of the 5 new categories
  • know about outreach/link building
  • be comfortable with numbers/analytical work

The job is all about writing in depth articles and attract attention towards them. For your inspiration, check out these examples of articles we've done on our running category. As you can see, this is quality work - not any quick and dirty writing here:

Why this is an awesome job:

  • Work as much as you like, whenever you like and from wherever you like. Take as much vacation as you like, whenever you like.
  • The company structure is flat and if you want to, your responsibility can grow quickly.
  • We have a list of nice perks, e.i. the company pays for tools, courses and books, the company pays for your gym membership or similar and so on. We also meet once a year. This summer, we'll go to Italy. All is paid by the company. Previously, we were in Thailand. It's optional to join.
  • You're joining a company in growth. Two years ago, we were 4 people, last year 12 people. Now 50. We have 2 million monthly visits and have been mentioned in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Washington Post and +100 other newspapers.
  • You'll be creating stellar content and have an impact.

Best regards

Jens Jakob Andersen

To apply: Please apply by emailing me at with your motivation, CV and answer the following questions: 1) Are you particularly interested in one of the categories to work within? Elaborate, please. 2) How comfortable are you with numbers? Please elaborate. I'm not speaking of advanced mathematical formulas, but basic work in spreadsheets / a good understanding of numbers. 3) What's your outreach/linkbuilding/content marketing experience? Please share specific results/examples of work if you have any. Just a few. 4) What's your expected monthly salary based on 37h/w

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