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Darwin · Mar 7th 2018

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Headquarters: Las Vegas, NV URL:

Darwin empowers you to be amazing. Track your health data and habits, Improve with experiments & new routines and Evolve faster with comprehensive insights. We are a small team started by two successful serial entrepreneurs and looking for the next perfect addition.

We are looking for a true growth minded individual that can handle all aspects of growth both at an early stage and later stage before scaling. Data is very important to us and we like to test early and test everything, so if data is not your thing and you manage only by gut, then you are not the right fit.

While we hate the term growth hacker, we will use it here to describe the person we are looking for that can do a little bit of everything, from SEO and AdWords and social (the standard digital stuff) to more creative things with LinkedIn and offline tactics. Being able to understand and use new marketplaces like Amazon and others is also very important. If you are the type of person that is always thinking about how to grow a product or service, then we want you.

Experience with

  • SEO, both organic and paid
  • Link building
  • Content strategies
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Amazon
  • Kickstarter
  • Influencer outreach
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Analytics (Google and others)
  • Landing pages
  • A/B testing

This job goes far beyond Darwin as we have a portfolio of companies and products and both early, mid and late stage that need growth work done. We are 100% remote and have built other companies with very large teams all remote. You must have experience working remote. This cannot be your first remote job.

Bonus if you are a biohacker, quantified self, or track things in your life or have experience in the biohacking or consumer packaged goods space.

If you are not the right fit for this job but know someone that is, send them our way and we will pay you a cash bonus for the effort, if they are hired.

To apply: Email resume to

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