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AdButler · Mar 6th 2018

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The Opportunity

Do you have experience with Ad Tech? Do the terms SSP, DSP, and RTB make sense to you?

Do you have a knack for explaining technical concepts to non-technical people?  Do you generally like talking to people, and don’t mind making a sales pitch? How about the luxury of working from home, even in your pajamas? (not required!)  If this appeals to you, keep reading!

We are looking for that special individual to join our team and round out our customer experience & inside sales team. You’d be part of our team of AdButler ad tech experts, providing the highest level of service to our customers!


Some of the things you may encounter on a day to day basis:

  • Solve technical problems related to product usage for customers.
  • Respond to customer questions via phone, email, chat, and in-app promptly and professionally.
  • Interact with the development and design teams to provide feedback regarding customer usage, areas for improvement, etc.
  • Work closely with marketing to identify who our target audience is, nurture marketing qualified leads, and eventually convert these leads to subscribed customers.
  • Perform 1:1 web-demos of our products and services to potential customers, trial customers, or customers requiring assistance.
  • Technical writing, knowledge base or help article writing.
  • Occasional after-hours sales or support calls if necessary.
  • Following up with customers to ensure they’re using our products and services to their full potential.


What we’re looking for:

  • Someone willing to become an ad tech guru
  • Someone with ad tech experience as a primary job role
  • Experience in customer service, with preference to technical support
  • Experience in sales, with preference to B2B and SaaS sales
  • Go-getting attitude! Someone with the ability to stay focused, and get the job done.
  • Someone who enjoys problem-solving, and has strong troubleshooting skills.
  • Some programming experience would be a bonus, but not required
  • Someone who jives well with our team; we’re a close-knit group of like-minded individuals and want to ensure our next team member is a perfect fit!


A little bit about us

At SparkLIT we are incredibly proud of AdButler, our high-performance ad server and ad tech platform. Thousands of clients around the world rely on us to serve billions of ads every month. Our proprietary platform processes thousands of requests each second, calculating complex delivery and targeting rules in milliseconds, processing auctions, and delivering a variety of ad formats to the client.

Please Note: This position requires working from 10 AM GMT - 6 PM GMT.

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