Paid Online Marketing Manager

Amare, Inc · Mar 1st 2018

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Headquarters: We are a completely virtual company URL:

If you salivate at the prospect of working on the largest priority of a dynamic company with the best team you will ever work with... then look no further.

We are looking to hire a rising star who has the right amount of analytical experience, critical thinking skills, and general “get-it-done”ness to join our dynamic, fun, creative, hard-working Paid Acquisition Team. You must be resourceful, have a burning desire to succeed, are always up for a challenge, dig deep and don’t need to be hand-held. You are whip-smart, confident, responsive, can handle critical feedback and generally love being part of a collaborative team.

Together, we’ll use smart advertising strategy and data-driven recommendations to attract qualified customers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and more.

You must have at least 4+ years of total work experience, and at least 2 years working with data and analysis. Online marketing experience is a plus, but not required. What is required is that you’ve been around the block a few times, have a basic understanding of different business models and workflows, and you’ve been through a fire or two.


  • Data Analysis: You’ll synthesize and present large amounts of data to manage the channel and drive revenue. You’ve mastered pivot tables and basic excel functions but are looking to push yourself further.  
  • Paid Acquisition: You’ll optimize and grow our social media campaigns; managing hundreds of campaigns across multiple accounts. You’ll systematize your workflow and be ready to raise your hand to take on the launch of a new paid partner.
  • Direct Marketing: Your responsibility will not end with a click to the website. You will be a key stakeholder in driving bidding solutions and automation, creative ad testing, and landing page testing.  
  • Relationship Development: You’ll be responsible for improving our relationships with Facebook and key marketing partners. You’ll keep them updated on our goals, metrics, and roadblocks, while informing us of the latest betas and “insider” information to improve our bottom line.


If this sounds like you, and you want to work in our creative, hard-working, collaborative environment, send your resume, cover letter and salary requirements to

Compensation is competitive based on experience and performance. We offer health benefits, paid time off, a great 401k plan and a supportive and flexible work environment. Cover letters are mandatory for consideration, and have a big influence on who gets an interview.


We are Amare Inc: a completely virtual, utterly cutting edge marketing company. We specialize in the relationship advice space and create high-value information products and market them online.

Our goal is to make our customers and partners wildly happy, and we are committed to a quality of work that is unsurpassed in our space. We've created high-quality free and paid content that over 2M people engage with every month. Our experts are PHDs, best selling authors, marriage counselors, and coaches who have devoted their lives to learning how to overcome the fears and bad habits that block love and discovering the secrets to making love last.

While we are a profit driven company, we take pride in the fact that people, not dollar signs, guide our decisions. What we do inspires us every day. But how we do it is what makes us proud. Watch our introduction video to get a little better insight on who we are.

It’s a unique and exciting time in our business. In addition to helping our four well-established brands continue to thrive, you’d be joining us as we launch our newest brand, Flourish.

*Flourish *will feature a community of elite experts to help people improve ALL their relationships. We’re curating the best programs on dating, relationships, parenting and everything in between, offering transformative advice that will provide value throughout the ups and downs of life, even as needs and problems change. Nothing like this exists in the market, and we’ve already secured some of the biggest thought-leaders in the industry.

Join us, and you can make an impact on something new and life-changing for people everywhere.


We Are Innovative

Everything about us, from how we work, to where we work, and what we sell is breaking business rules. Our entire team works from home; there isn’t an office to speak of. Our products range from $20 to $400, and 100% of them are delivered digitally.  

We Are Results Oriented

We measure everything. No decision is made without testing and data. People are evaluated, promoted and rewarded based on their results, not politics or hierarchy.

We Are Grown-Ups

We aren’t in the business of baby-sitting.

No one watches your desk when you have a doctors’ appointment.

No one tells you not to sleep 20 extra min if you had a bad night.

No one minds if you pick your kids up from school.

We can tell you are doing your job because you are driving results. Period.

We Are Intense

Flexible? Yes. High Pressure? Sometimes. High performance? Always. We are serious about results, and excited to make an impact.

We Are Nimble

Our 20 team members fill many roles, and jump into the projects that have the highest money-making potential. We excel at reconfiguring ourselves to adapt to changing business environments. There are no specialists here.

We Are Supportive

Despite our virtual culture, we have a personal touch. We may not have after office happy hours, but we have a real team mentality, supporting each other’s personal and professional goals. And we laugh a lot.


You Are A Driver, Not A Passenger

You make things happen. You freely take charge. You create opportunities, and you know how to get buy in to make them happen. You see money at the end of the road, and you know the path to get there.

You Have a Crush on Your Calculator

Our roots are direct marketing where we learned the hard way that personal opinions are secondary to measurable results. People who are comfortable with reading, interpreting and synthesizing data have a big advantage in our environment.

You Are “Home” Schooled

You are a learner, constantly seeking out new skills and going and getting them. You want to learn to dance the Cha-cha? You’ll watch a YouTube video. Think you want to speak Spanish? You’ll get an audio-course.  Whatever you want to learn, you go and learn it. You aren’t going to wait for someone to teach you. Your first instinct is to try to learn it on your own.

You Play Football, Not Tennis

Team players only. You collaborate well with others. You are someone people want to work with and will work hard for.

You Are Dirty

There are no pristine hands here. Roll up your sleeves; prepare to own it. Some days, you’ll get so dirty you’ll need two showers. (p.s. But since we are 100% virtual, showers aren’t mandatory)

You Make Banksy Jealous

You create high impact experiences, and burst with creativity. But your artistic impulses are guided by data, trends and customer feedback, not by less tangible and unproven inputs.

You Are A Sure Bet

You have measurable results to backup your marketing experience. Your references all want to rehire you. You are a proven money maker, and a high quality person.

To apply: If this sounds like you, and you want to work in our creative, hard-working, collaborative environment, send your resume, cover letter and salary requirements to US applicants only

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