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Freedom Formula · Mar 2nd 2018

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How does a cool $5,000 for one quick facebook message sound? Wonderful?


Read on and I’ll fill you in on how to take MY money and put it in YOUR pocket... while I give you a nice firm handshake.

Hi I’m Evan - Co-Founder here at Freedom Formula. And my partner and I are on a mission to change lives.

But that’s enough about me for now. Let’s talk about you...

Do you want to learn how to turn a simple Youtube channel into a multi-million dollar business, and be able to impact a million lives without ever stepping on camera?

Are you looking to work with a group of rockstars all around the world, toward big scary goals that will actually make a dent in the world?

How would you like a bunch of autonomy and responsibility in a rapidly growing business, and the ability to learn how to run an extremely successful online business from the inside out... From people who have done it repeatedly?

What about a remote workplace that doesn’t get bogged down in corporate BS - whose ONLY focus as a group is getting results toward our crazy ambitious objectives and having fun...

Do you want to strategize, ideating and creating superior content for a skyrocketing Youtube channel, and creating insanely valuable courses that change people’s lives…

Or perhaps…

An insatiable desire to learn this skill and the EXACT formula for what makes successful Youtube videos - which is at the heart of today’s most influential figures and businesses...?

Well good news! We are looking for a badass to help us create superior new content for our rapidly growing business and youtube channel.

Someone that will quickly become the most badass Youtube expert in the world.

We call it Content Hero - and while others might call it something else (like content manager, video developer, youtube content planner)... They’d be wrong.

We need a hero, and are holding out for a hero til the morning light. Nothing else will suffice.

Do you know a few people who you consider rockstars who sound like they would love this?

If you share this job post with them and we end up hiring them we’ll give you a cool $5k just for sharing the post with them.

Easy money, right?

“That’s a lotta coconuts for a measly facebook message.” - You

“Yeah, very well said… You wordsmithing stranger you...!” - Evan

Alright, let’s talk nitty gritty.


We run a really fast-growing company called Freedom Formula, where we help people create their first online business, fire their boss, and live the life that they actually want to live.

And we are searching for the next rockstar to add to our tribe.

9-5 is a curse word in our company, and suggesting cubicles will get you tarred and feathered.

We help people travel the world and spend more time with the people that mean most to them. Curious about what we do? Check us out here.

At the end of the day though, we're a small tribe of really smart and talented rockstars who are working together toward a common goal.

But what is that goal..?

To completely transform the way people look at jobs they don’t love and entrepreneurship in America and around the world.

Our entire tribe is remote, so you get to work from anywhere. We are innovating left and right and we do work that changes lives.

We work hard, get shit done and are insanely informal.

Don't believe me? What if we did a perfect lobster walk?

BOOM. 10/10 Crustacean Shuffle.

Anyway... Back to the good stuff.

We deliver an amazing product to help all of our students and are doing an amazing job at marketing and changing people’s lives... which has allowed us to grow really fast.

But, because of all the growth, some of us have gotten way too busy… Which is where you come in… If you want to go fast.

"I wanna go fast"

-Ricky Bobby


  • You have an in-depth knowledge of (or crazy desire to learn) what makes compelling Youtube content, and can outline video content that would help our students for both Youtube and our courses.
  • You can consistently pick out patterns in what is working, what is not, and why
  • You are able to proactively meet and exceed deadlines by working ahead of schedule
  • You have a desire to help people literally transform their lives
  • You are borderline obsessive about learning - constantly seeking out more books and courses that will help you grow and improve at your role.
  • You implement consistently with very little direction - doing your own research to solve problems on your own.
  • Lastly - you have an unquestioned work ethic. You aren’t afraid of hard work, because you know that it is the key to true sustainable growth... In fact - you have a very strong desire to hustle, and put in extra time and learn in your off hours.


If you question your will to work hard, more than the normal 8-4 or 9-5 days, this probably isn’t the best position to apply for.

We hate normal jobs, and the 9-5 grind.

We believe that regular jobs suck - which is why we never want to be a regular cut-and-paste team with cubicles... or holier-than-thou mission statements... while doing little for the world.

We have big, scary goals, and are surrounding ourselves with a small tribe of rockstars that are as excited as we are about the goal, so that there is no such thing as ‘work’. We enjoy every minute of it, and want the same for all our tribemates.


Great question Mr. or Ms. Reader… And thank you for asking it! Let’s jump into the shoes of this role for a second .

  • Planning our weekly youtube content based on what is working across Youtube - coming up with video ideas and brief bullet point outlines for each video… So all we have to do is turn on the camera and have magical content created
  • Wrangling Evan and Benji to record the needed videos, as well as managing & working with our rockstar Video Editor and Graphic Designer to create the perfect video before it is needed
  • Creating a compelling title idea for the video, and giving graphic designer a general idea of what the thumbnail should be (based on what is already successful across Youtube)
  • Reviewing and posting new videos
  • Taking our outlines for new courses that we want to create for our students, and fleshing out the general content of each lecture we’ve outlined for you
  • Doing competitive analysis on what our competitors are doing well, and figuring out how to integrate things they are doing well into our courses to make them world-class
  • Looking at things that we could add into our current courses to increase the real and perceived value to our students
  • Basically - ideating and outlining awesome content that helps us change lives

Because we are growing insanely fast and we want to keep a very small tribe of rockstars - this will be an insane learning opportunity for the person who fits into the glass slipper.


  • You’re able to work at least 20 hours a week to start, with the potential to quickly go full time once you knock our socks off.
  • Age and experience does not matter. While a firm understanding of youtube content and trends is helpful - we are looking more for qualities.
  • These qualities are humble, hungry, smart, and entrepreneurial...
  • And most importantly - a very quick learner who is wakes up excited to learn and grow.


You’re one smart cookie, my friend.

If you’re interested, here’s what to do next.

Because we get a LOT of applications for these roles, and we take getting rockstars seriously… All applications will go through a healthy vetting process and filtered through our hiring stages.

If this sounds awesome and you’re serious about this, please show it. If you’re not - please don’t bother applying.

“If you got it, flaunt it.”

  • Beyonce

The first step is to fill out the application questionnaire on the next page.

If you do it right and we like your application, you’ll get into round 2 with further instructions.

Good luck and I hope to talk to you soon!


Freedom Formula

PS - if you do refer someone to this gig, we will pay you the first $2500 when they pass month 2 working full time with us and the second $2500 when they pass month 6. Just to make sure we get someone who is actually perfect for the role - because if they aren't, no-one is happy...

To apply:

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