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Loki · Mar 3rd 2018

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Loki is a new currency blowing up in the crypto space. It specialises in private transactions and communications. It is a codefork of Monero and prides itself on its technical aspects.

Our telegram community is growing extremely fast from only starting a few months ago. With the increased influx of new members to the telegram group we are looking for knowledgeable people to help manage our community.

Knowledge of Ethereum and Bitcoin are necessary and any knowledge of Monero is highly desirable, though this is something that the right person would be able to research and learn before applying. We will be paying you in Ethereum which can be easily sold for USD or the currency of your choice on a variety of exchanges. We want to support the cryptocurrency ecosystem and this means that the applicant must be comfortable with payment in crypto.

The position:

  • We are looking for new talents to help us out with our increasing number of telegram members. The tasks to complete are (among others):
  • Moderation of Telegram groups: providing information and support to users, deleting offensive or inadequate messages, banning trolls and spammers, etc.
  • Sharing new updates from the team in different social media channels: Reddit, Bitcointalk, Telegram, Twitter etc., and replying to comments from other users
  • Gathering questions from users and maintaining FAQ databases

What you need for the position:

  • A fluent level of English (if you are also fluent in Russian or Chinese it will be a plus)
  • Be willing to dedicate at least 40 hours per week to the task (working hours are negotiable).
  • Have good social skills, being ready to deal sometimes with complicated users posing nasty questions or FUDing
  • Be ready to invoice us for your services
  • Be comfortable being paid in Ethereum

How to apply:

To show that you have the required skills (or to show you can learn them quickly), please answer the following questions that you might encounter on the Telegram channels. Answer as if you were a team member answering publicly on our channel.

  1. What is the Loki Network aiming to achieve?
  1. Explain a ring signature in simple terms?
  1. What is Ethereum Gas and how is it used?
  1. Why is Thomas Winget important to the Loki project?

Please do not reach out via Telegram or other channels for the job posting as it could take up to a few weeks to respond.

To apply: APPLY TO US: Send your application to

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