Experienced JavaScript Developer @ draw.io

draw.io · Mar 5th 2018

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We’re looking for an experienced JavaScript developer comfortable working remotely. That is, you have experience developing in a commercial environment, including some amount of JavaScript, and you’ve actually learnt something through that experience.

You will need attention to detail and a focus on putting quality before timescales (it’s ready when it’s ready).

We’re flexible on hours, but for the role in mind we’d prefer over 30 hours per week on average. Everyone currently here works by the hour, the rate is set to include 10% extra for holidays. You won’t be paid for those, but you can take what you like, within reason. You will need to be mostly in step with normal European working day hours, the rest of us are.

We’re a small, all engineering team. There’s nobody to do performance reviews, goal setting and team building. What we care about is grinding out constantly high quality software.

We’ve been in business since 2004 and we’re profitable in every year since, without external funding or debt. We open source the vast majority of the code we produce, check it out on Github.

Apply on WFH.io