Senior Mobile Engineers!

Impekable · Feb 13th 2018

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Impekable has an immediate need for highly talented mobile developers for several opportunities to grow a retail centric application team.  Experience across various disciplines are appreciated, including architecture, implementation, testing automation.  Multiple roles are available on the team, and applying for more than one role is encouraged.  Please indicate the appropriate role, or roles, during your submission for consideration.

Testing Automation:

  • Hands-on experience in object-oriented, data structures and algorithm fundamentals.

  • Mastery of framework crafting tools, such as Appium/Selenium.

  • Familiarity with Jenkins, Bamboo and other CI platforms with verification.

  • Deep understanding of networking protocols, especially REST and SOAP.

  • Understanding of container and grid computing concepts in testing ecosystems.

  • Familiar with broad knowledge of code supporting automation tooling.  Python/Java knowledge especially valued.

  • Experience with both iOS and Android automated testing.

Mobile Architecture:

  • Experience architecting solutions that scale for Android and iOS.

  • Deep knowledge of current mobile offerings and integration of new features into roadmap.

  • Understanding of AR/VR and supporting inclusion in applications.

  • Proven familiarity with analytics, social media, and security.

  • Comfortable serving as subject matter expert for other team members.

  • Enforce optimized standards and practices and maintain compliance across code-base.

  • Prior knowledge and familiar with ML frameworks.

iOS Senior Engineering:

  • Demonstrated mastery of iOS platform and associated tools.

  • Multiple published applications available in App Store.

  • Thorough knowledge of Swift 3 and 4.

  • Familiarity with Objective-C, Xcode and IB/storyboards/XIBs.

  • Knowledge of performance management and tuning.

  • Comfortable mentoring other team members.

  • Understanding of networking and memory restricted scenarios.

  • Definition of architecture to ensure optimal implementation.

Team Leadership/Management:

  • Demonstrated ability leading teams of any size.

  • Seasoned experience managed team specialize in delivery of mobile solutions.

  • Proven ownership for critical portions of a large infrastructure.

  • Familiar with effective software development and delivery practices.

  • Ability to mentor other team members.

  • Validate team output, qualify efficacy and manage dynamics to ensure overall success.

  • Coordinate with product owners, quality assurance and partner leads to structure components and features.

  • Offer insights and suggestions to improve user experience and engagement.

General (All Roles):

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science, Engineering, or related technical discipline, or equivalent combination of training and experience.

  • Consistent attendance and punctuality.

  • Strong foundation in computer science, with strong knowledge of algorithms, software design and data structures.

  • Excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills.

  • Desire to work in a fast paced, agile, collaborative environment.

  • Experience working in high-pressure environment involving client-facing services.

  • Passion and creativity.

These positions are available in the San Francisco Bay Area only and are not accepting any remote applications at this time.  During your submission, please include your preferred flavor of frozen dish, like ice cream, for validation of reading having read these instructions.  Candidates will be expected to conduct multiple interviews and coding tests during the review process, be prepared.  Be sure to indicate your availability, expected salary range and preferred form of contact in your response.

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