Mid-Senior Fullstack Developer - .NET, Javascript - Short Term Contract - Remote

Seven Hills Consulting, Inc. · Feb 6th 2018

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Short term remote contract position for an experienced fullstack developer that can hit the ground running with server side .NET and some front-end Javascript/HTML.  We have an urgent need to bring on someone to help extend an existing FireTV application.  This will include:

  1. Updating .NET codebase with additional third-party login workflows

  2. Extend an existing .NET API to support new functionality.

  3. Adding functionality, including additional UI elements, to HTML5-based application code (static HTML/CSS/JS). Strong JS development skills a plus

  4. Integrating with third party libraries and services from HTML5-based application code.

We're ideally looking for someone with strong backend skills that can do front-end web work.

You'd be a sole developer working to extend an existing application but would be part of a larger team that is working to extend an existing platform.  Initial engagement of ~2 months starting ASAP.  We don't care where you live, but you'd be expected to work as part of a team in a collaborative fashion (scrum ceremonies, peer code review, slack, etc.), speak English fluently, and work within at least 7 hours overlapping 9-5 US EST.

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