Angular.js Project Focused Development

Grassroots Technologies, Inc · Feb 6th 2018

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GRT is carefully searching for expansion staff to supplement and grow along side a highly experienced and established team.

GRT’s search for this new person is focused with all of our past success factors in mind. We are looking for a solid foundation of technology understanding/potential and work/school experience; we are also equally interested in promising communication skills.

Skills & Requirements


  • Computer Science and/or Engineering related academic study

  • Simple minimum of 3-5 years on the job, industry based work experience. (academic period work applicable)

  • Self motivated individual/leader looking for challenging work material in a dynamic team environment.

  • Strong communication skills a must with abilities to interact with both technical and non-techical client personnel.

Valued Skills (any subset of the following):

  • Significant experience with AngularJS 1.x and/or related javascript frameworks.

  • Some exposure to build systems (Docker, Jenkins, Ant, Maven, etc)

  • Some background knowledge on Unix (e.g., Linux) and Mac OSX environments

  • SQL and Relational DB Knowledge (MySQL, Oracle, etc.)

  • Building and maintaining continuous integration systems.  

  • Developing internal tools and workflows for large dev teams.

  • Systems integration with third party and in-house systems

Apply on StackOverflow Careers