Physics programmer for videogames (Unreal Engine)

DCL Drone Champions League · Feb 2nd 2018

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DCL is seeking an experienced and talented physics programmer to join our team, for the develompent of our Drone Champions Game and other project, not exclusively related to game develompment. Specifically this is an exciting opportunity to study and digitally synthesize the behavior of flying machines into software and integrate it in Unreal Engine.


We will consider applications for remote work, but it would be mandatory to physically work from DCL offices in Ruggel (Liecthenstein) during the initial phase of the project, for at least a two months.


The videogame project is in its infancy and the candidate would be part of the Core Team that directs its development. Depending on the capabilitites of the candidate, the role can evolve into a Lead / Head level of responsibilities, as the Team grows. As well as possessing the math and programming skills the candidate must be able to communicate with clarity and confidence in English (any level of German would be useful but optional).


  • 3+ years programming experience.
  • Fluency in C/C++
  • Familiarity with existing physics packages and PhysX
  • Physics/mathematics/computer science degree
  • Familiarity with Unreal Engine or other game engines
  • Outstanding math skills (linear algebra, trigonometry, matrix/quaternion math)
  • Self-motivation.
  • Written and spoken English


  • 3+ years physics programming experience.
  • Assembly, and SIMD programming.
  • Experience of low level optimizations and fixing stability issues
  • Proven experience with Unreal Engine
  • Experience with Simulink
  • Strong multi-threaded programming skills.

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