System Engineer - DevOps

Browzzin Pte Ltd · Feb 1st 2018

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We are looking for a passionate, world-class System Engineer to help us taking care our IT services and infrastructure. You'll be part of our entrepreneurial team and you'll have the opportunity to help us grow stronger, by bringing high-level ideas to our platform that will scale and grow to millions of users worldwide.

What we're offering you

  • Autonomy and creative freedom – Help shape how the front-end tools and a high-performance content management platform work, including libraries and custom features. Also help us build our desktop version of the platform, as well as taking ownership of high impact projects needed for the back-end platform.
  • Flexible Environment - We still don't work out of an office yet, so you can help shape our culture and workflow.
  • Urban life or tropical Island – we will have an office in London and already have one in Singapore. We will help you relocate, but in the meantime, you can work from home.

Your responsibilities

 - Take care of our monitoring systems  - Automate processes through IT automation tools  - Write unit tests for RESTful APIs  - Give support to our infrastructure  - Report and investigate reported issues across our microservices

Skills & Requirements

 - Have extended experience managing Debian based Linux distributions (at least 5 years)  - Know how to install, configure, distribute and manage a monitoring system such as Nagios, Check MK and Zabbix  - Experienced in Python  - Have a native habit of writing unit tests  - Comfortable with Ansible  - Understand the concepts of relational and document databases  - Experienced in MySQL and MariaDB  - Comfortable managing Elasticsearch cluster is a big plus  - Writing unit tests isn't something new to you  - Comfortable using RESTful APIs  - Good background and experience dealing with microservice architectures

How to apply

Email your CV and provide answers to the following questions – if you don't your application will not be considered

  • Q1) How many years of Linux system administration experience do you have? Can you indicate how large were the infrastructures you have worked on?
  • Q2) How many years of Python development experience do you have?
  • Q3) Do you have some public code to share? For instance, some tools you have developed that may have aided you in the past to deal with system engineering problems you may have faced.

We have someone who will review your code and answers, and if it's good enough we'll contact you for a phone interview.

Apply on StackOverflow Careers