Senior Operations Engineer

Defiant Inc. · Feb 1st 2018

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Defiant, Inc. is the author of Wordfence, the plugin responsible for securing over 2 Million active WordPress websites. We are the most popular security product for WordPress publishers.

We are looking for a senior operations engineer to join our talented team. Applicants need the following:

  • At least 5 years of experience working in operations with a solid and complete foundational knowledge of operations.

  • The ability to bring to life a production environment with applications and supporting services.

  • The ability to manage servers and services in a high traffic production environment and to deploy new applications, servers and services into that environment.

  • To be nimble, come up with creative solutions and have a mature approach to operations.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Attention to detail.

  • Team player with a positive attitude in a fast-paced environment.

We are a small, fast moving and fast growing company with a loyal customer base who love our products and services. We pride ourselves on providing a world-class product with exemplary customer service.

If you're passionate about engineering great software and would like to help secure the web, this is your dream job. We have a friendly, highly capable team with a sense of humor. We also move fast. Our world-class team receives a commensurate compensation package. We take our team's family time seriously and don't ask you to work long hours if we can avoid it. We use cloud-based services for our workflow so you can live anywhere and contribute to our growth.

While Defiant is high growth, we are not a startup. The company is still controlled by the founders, we are profitable and have been for several years. Defiant is a stable, yet fast-growing company.

Skills & Requirements

At Defiant, 'trust' is our number one value. We trust that team members will grab a problem, research, and implement a solution. You won't be shy about asking for help when you need it, but you can respond self sufficiently when needed.

This is a remote working position but may require intermittent travel to the Seattle area.

The specific skills we require for this position are:

  • Experience with PHP and Node, Perl is a plus. This is not a programming position but we run a large number of servers and services. The role will require that you are adept with code to manage services efficiently.

  • Experience with RabbitMQ.

  • Experience with Ansible.

  • Strong with MySQL, specifically performance optimization.

  • Ability to collaborate with a team using Git and svn when needed.

  • Strong on Apache and Nginx.

  • Adept with Linux, and Ubuntu specifically. Familiarity with Debian a plus.

  • Experience with AWS.

  • Familiarity with virtualization including KVM, Proxmox and Virsh as well as guest performance tuning.

  • Strong understanding of networking, including TCP/IP at all layers of the OSI, routing, switching and the ability to analyze network traffic for problems.

  • Experience with and supporting security infrastructure is a plus, but not required – firewalls specifically SonicWall, IPS/IDS, VPN, various monitoring tools.

  • A strong interest in information security.

  • The ability to manage physical machines, including performing BIOS upgrades, managing hot swappable SCSI disks and everything else related to physical hardware.

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