Senior JavaScript Engineer

Pixwel LLC · Feb 1st 2018

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Pixwel is hiring a Senior Javascript Engineer, dedicated to software development and emerging technology, to become part of our team and help build our platform.

This is a great role for you if you are passionate about entertainment and technology, and interested in redefining the future of entertainment.

  • 5+ years expert experience with JavaScript, front-end frameworks like React and Angular, and expert knowledge of both FP and OOP paradigms

  • You take pride in writing tests for all of your code

  • You have strong experience with a server-side language such as PHP, Python, Node.js or Ruby

  • Deep understanding of HTTP and REST/GraphQL APIs

  • Experience writing and tuning database queries for SQL and NoSQL databases

  • Experience building single page applications

  • Understanding monolith vs microservice architecture

  • Ability to design and establish coding patterns/standards across multiple code repositories

  • You will mentor team members on writing code that is efficient, maintainable and testable

  • Ability to re-architect an expansive code base while transitioning technologies/frameworks

  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

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