Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer (Remote)

Western Milling LLC · Jan 13th 2018

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Headquarters: Goshen, CA URL:

We are looking for a highly motivated and capable full stack Ruby on Rails developer. You don't need a decade of experience but you must have a natural talent and passion for coding and enthusiasm to grow as a developer.


As an addition to our IT team you will be helping to build our next generation of systems from the ground up.


You will have autonomy and responsibility over the code that you write and help guide the software architecture and platforms to sustain today and tomorrow's growing business needs.


The people we want to speak to…


●     Have had experience using Rails to build responsive apps and RESTful[ish] APIs

●     Use an agile approach to development

●     Know how to write testable code and when to apply tests and when not to

●     Have a pragmatic approach to building solutions to problems, knowing when to hack or when to craft

●     Can communicate effectively with users

●     Are team players that can adapt from writing code to resolving a user support issue

●     Must be results oriented and able to provide deliverables to deadlines

●     Are comfortable integrating new code with legacy systems

Job Description


●     Build responsive applications and API’s for internal users

●     Provide onsite and remote support to users across a number of regions

●     Automate everything that should be automated

●     Participate in code reviews

●     Work with the IT director in designing and delivering the next generation of business solutions

Bonus points 

●     Microsoft SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS

●     AWS

●     JavaScript, specifically React

●     DevOps, Capistrano

●     Heroku

●     Docker

When applying, please include any details of your community contributions, such as GitHub or stackoverflow accounts.

To apply: Please apply through our careers page at:

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