Senior Systems Engineer

Spreedly · Jan 8th 2018

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Remote applicants must be located in the continental US and have existing US work authorization.

Spreedly is a stable, growing startup. We need an experienced systems engineer that can hop into a high-functioning, experienced team and start contributing quickly as we migrate our data-center based infrastructure to AWS.

Systems Engineering is our internal team that focuses on the development and operation of Spreedly's systems through well-designed developer tooling and accountable processes. You're building the platform on which Spreedly operates. So you might be responsible for provisioning a new component in our production environment, but you should also be thinking of how to deliver that service in a way that lets the other engineering teams use and operate it themselves. We don't want you baby-sitting machines, we want you to be delivering functionality to the rest of the Engineering group.

The Systems Engineering team also takes on development projects that ensure the scalability and security of Spreedly's transactional service. One such example might be implementing a secondary indexing service using Kafka, or managing the re-encryption of millions of sensitive credit card data. So this really is a true engineering role with development and operational concerns. Operating in that cross-functional sweet spot should excite you!

Spreedly's business is working with and storing credit card data. It's what we get paid to do so others don't have to. So thinking about security is a way of life at Spreedly, as is building sustainable processes to keep things safe, and our auditors happy. Security enables our business, it doesn't hinder it. You should have a healthy, practical, relationship with security too.

What we're looking for in a Senior Systems Engineer is somebody who's not afraid to jump into complex infrastructure and systems problems and make sense of them. We are actively migrating to an AWS infrastructure, so you will have a chance to impact and help design our next generation production infrastructure and systems. We regularly deal with the dark underbelly of software – think encryption, encoding, and security, all within the context of a distributed system. You don't have to be an expert in any of those aspects, but you shouldn't be intimidated by the thought of learning about them either.


  • Experience operating and building systems in AWS
  • Comfort treating infrastructure as code
  • Experience, or familiarity with, modern cloud orchestration tooling (specifically Terraform and Ansible)
  • Ability to build, operate, and deliver solutions in support of distributed systems
  • A willingness to be a generalist and dig into new things you've never done before
  • Excellent written communications, and a track record of documenting your work
  • The ability to operate semi-autonomously, sorting your own immediate priorities out of the ever-shifting needs of a startup environment
  • A quiet confidence in your ability to learn new tech as necessary. Today the team manages Riak, Kafka, Postgres, Redis, and Linux ... but are always pragmatically evaluating new services and tools


We are open to remote candidates, with the caveat that you must be located in the continental US (we'll want to see you in person about once a quarter). With ~40% of our team already remote we do have experience supporting remote employees. If you are remote we'd like for you to be experienced at it too, or at least make a strong case for why you're well-suited for remote work.

Why Work for Spreedly?

We’ll answer that by telling you why we gave up relatively comfortable lives and threw everything into Spreedly.

First, we built a digital subscription service in the past that worked with multiple payment gateways. We never wanted someone to go through that alone again. Second, payments can make or break an otherwise fantastic new idea so we knew we’d be helping real businesses succeed. Finally, we wanted to build a company that reflected our ideals around balancing work greatness and life greatness - a constant tug of war, but one totally worth having.

Here is a summary of some of our benefits (the rest of which can be found at

  • Competitive salary + equity package
  • Outstanding medical and dental benefits (we pay 100% of monthly premiums for employees + families)
  • Open PTO policy
  • Tues./Thurs. in-office days- the rest of the week employees are free to work wherever they choose
  • Paid lunches on in-office days for local employees
  • 12 weeks paid Family leave
  • Company sponsored 401k
  • Yearly paid professional development


We're constantly striving to have the fairest and most productive hiring process possible. We want to ensure that every candidate is treated equally and our interactions are designed with that goal in mind. If you want to get a sense for what your application process will look like, we'd encourage you to read the following: Stop Hazing Your Potential Hires and Programming Puzzles Are Not the Answer.

If this at all sounds interesting, we'd love to hear from you!

Spreedly is an equal opportunity employer and is working to build a diverse culture that reflects the fact that everyone in the world makes payments. We actively work to drive out even unintentional discrimination in our hiring processes via practices like blindly graded work samples and structured interviews.

Due to the sensitive nature of what Spreedly does - handling payment data - candidates must complete a successful background check. If you have concerns along those lines, please discuss with us sooner rather than later - we do not want you to waste time in the hiring process and get disqualified at the end if we can help it.

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