Web Developer - Specializations: Machine Learning, AI, Healthtech, Fintech

GetIncredibles · Jan 8th 2018

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Headquarters: San Jose, CA URL: https://getincredibles.com

We are looking for web developers (both frontend and backend) to join a fast-growing global network of top-notch, hand-picked, freelancers in Machine Learning, AI, Healthtech & Fintech. If you’re a developer who not only has a broad technical skill-set but has the ability to understand a project’s requirements and deliver them on time, come join GetIncredibles!


  • Projects you’ll love doing.
  • Work on projects that fit your schedule.
  • Forget finding and bidding for jobs online. GetIncredibles handles that hassle by finding jobs that suit your skill-set and negotiating hourly rates for you with clients.
  • Be a part of globally distributed teams consisting of highly-experienced Project Managers and vastly-skilled developers.


  • Must be fluent in English and agile-friendly
  • 3+ years of experience building highly-scalable, high-traffic web apps in a professional software development environment.
  • 2+ years of experience working remotely on various projects.
  • Track record of delivering & launching high-traffic projects used by thousands of users.
  • Experience using source versioning software such as git, svn.
  • Experience with issue-tracking or bug-tracking software workflows in JIRA, Trac etc.
  • Have strong OOP concepts, and familiarity with RESTful APIs, MVC frameworks, scalable code.

Good to-haves:

  • Solid understanding of one of our core domains: Machine Learning, AI, Healthtech or Fintech.
  • One or more of the following:
  • Machine Learning algorithms like Deep Learning, Q-Learning etc. Having worked with TensorFlow would be a plus.
  • Knowledge of Neural Networks, classifying data and data mining. An advantage would be having worked on data mining.
  • Well-versed with HIPAA compliance, FDA approval processes etc. Direct experience building or maintaining Healthtech apps.
  • Experience building Fintech apps with emphasis on security and storing encrypted data would be a plus.

What you can expect from us:

  • After you sign-up on GetIncredibles.com, our recruitment team will contact you after reviewing your profile and work experience.
  • We will conduct a series of interviews with you at your convenience.
  • All applicants who qualify will be made an ‘Incredible’ on our platform which means we will search for and match you to projects that you are passionate about and that fit your interests and skill-set.

Please click the link below for the chance to join GetIncredibles, the fast-growing global network of top-notch, hand-picked freelancers in Machine Learning, AI, Healthtech and Fintech.

To apply: Sign-up as an engineer at https://getincredibles.com

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