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I Build Your Brand LLC · Jan 6th 2018

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When we say Lead Full-Stack Engineer, we mean it (... read below, this might be the perfect fit you’ve been looking for).

Hey there , we’re I Build Your Brand and we’re an online E-commerce company that’s been dominating the Amazon marketplace and E-commerce education space for the last few years. We live and breath e-commerce (check out one of our recent Vlogs on Youtube from our fun CEO, Elizabeth Herrera: ) and have helped thousands of online entrepreneurs get their products to market so they can realize their dreams and serve their target customers.

In 2018, we are finally going all-in on creating a top tier engineering team to help us execute our mission of empowering e-commerce entrepreneurs internationally to make the most accurate and informed decisions, while automating time-consuming tasks so they can expand their reach, improve their profitability, and improve the world with their vision. We’re obsessed with improving the world, and we believe automating time consuming tasks for entrepreneurs and helping them make informed decisions in innovative ways is one of the best ways to do this!

We truly believe that together our knowledge of the marketplace combined with your talent, ambition, creativity, and ability, will spark innovation and help to make the world a better place.

As you’ll see, the details of our first project together sound vague, but we’ll be able to go over the actual project details on our interview together!

While our office is based in Miami, FL we are looking for A-player talent across the world as we focus on creating a remote-based engineering team with an exciting culture, intimate comradery, and ability to make a huge impact.

So, who exactly are we looking for now?

To get our engineering projects going, we want to hire a Lead Full-Stack Engineer who is ready to take on the responsibility of organizing, architecting, and building our first product. As we grow, we’ll also expect you to be able to lead the engineering team with proper delegation, sprints, and teamwork.

All this said, it means we are searching for a LEAD engineer who is committed to creating excellent products for their customers (we are a customer-focused team). We want a lead engineer who understands the importance of team communication, collaboration, and ultimately is relentless in their approach to creatively solving problems and shipping results.

Here’s what we’ll be expecting out of this role:

  • Ability for you to step into a lead engineering role with an objective to lay a foundation of the project for long term and move into a leadership/lead role building out an engineering department.
  • Ability to review the project goals and determine best languages to build with (we’re guessing JS, but you get to decide). We would expect a focus on front end design, nimble back-end (NodeJS), and a flexible server set up.
  • Review project MVP objectives and determine best development set up for long term growth, scale, and revenue goals
  • Break down the MVP into initial, agile sprints in Trello with a planned beta release date (we want to get feedback in quickly, right?)
  • Strong fundamental knowledge of initial Dev-Ops for creating staging and production environments, Automated Testing, and handling of server architecture (we may ultimately hire just for this position, but we need to start somewhere)
  • Ability to write clear communicable code comments and documentation for future engineering team
  • Work within company systems with a focus on continual improvement to systems and processes for new engineering hires and new applications
  • Ability to do bi-yearly team meetings in the Miami office for planning and fun (travel and expenses included)
  • A burning desire to build innovative software with cutting edge tech and build really great team that will change the world

What are we building?

Initially we’ll be developing a web extension designed for new Amazon sellers and E-commerce entrepreneurs interested in a way to shortcut the learning curve to create early profits with a print on demand and/or Private Label businesses connected in Amazon. We’ve got a fun outline of our goals, features, and initial MVP objectives… but this is just the starting point.

Our real goal is to combine these types of tools with machine learning to create an easy, data-driven tool to make profitable e-commerce businesses.

Ok, now the important part. What you’ll earn in this role:

We want us to win as a team (we’re all in it together, right?), so we wanted the position to be based on that same approach. You’ll earn a competitive $100,000 - 120,000/year salary and we’ll offer a 5% profit share from all engineered products we bring to market (that’s actual distributions you’ll earn, instead of sitting on stock :D).

Plus, we’ll be offering some sweet Benefits:

  • 2 Weeks Paid Vacation
  • 2 Paid Business Trips to Miami, FL
  • 2 days a month dedicated to machine learning “play”
  • Digital team parties where we’ll catch up over a call each month with a fun theme the team decides on (expenses paid)!
  • We’ll pay for online courses you think could be valuable to you! Treehouse, Udemy, and more… if you want to take a course in something with practical applications (ie... jQuery, Tensorflow, or Blockchain basics), we’ll finance that for you!
  • We’ll pay for the SaaS events that you think it would be valuable to attend (Lodging and Travel included).
  • Compensated purchases on select Amazon Products
  • Monthly Gym membership compensation

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