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AmaZix · Jan 5th 2018

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Headquarters: Denmark (but entire team is distributed) URL:

AmaZix is the leading provider of community management services for crypto projects. We specialise in helping projects running on the Ethereum blockchain, especially those building up to their ICOs. Projects we work on include Bancor, Stox, BANKEX, Flixxo and Hydrominer.

We are growing extremely fast and from our founding a few months ago we now have nearly 60 staff and manage 36 high level projects, with many more asking to come aboard than we can take. We are profitable and have been since day one.

If you are not technically familiar with blockchain based projects then no problem - it is not required. However some knowledge of what Ethereum is would be useful.

Though our company is based in Denmark our team is distributed around the world (primarily Europe).

Your position:

You will be the fourth member of our development team working directly alongside our CTO and bounty manager. To give you some idea of what you might be working on, in the coming months we have various tasks related to managing our bounty programs:

  • a scraper to automatically parse responses to forum threads on bitcointalk (e.g. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2537413.0) where community members report their work, and save this information to a database.
  • make a web UI for displaying the data saved in the process outlined above, and possibly make it editable for some of our staff
  • build on this base to build an app where participants can sign up and log their work
  • build tools to automatically track their work by monitoring the social media profiles of participants, removing the need for manual logging

We are looking for highly motivated and experienced full-stack developers - ideally having used some technologies suited to the above tasks such as React/Redux, Elixir, Ruby on Rails or NodeJS.

The position requires strong technical expertise, enthusiasm and a desire not only to write good code, but also deliver value to the business. The position is open to full time remote developers (preferably within 4 hours of GMT for timezone consideration).

Technical environment:

Our current team and projects are working with PostgreSQL, AWS/Heroku, NodeJS, Exlixir, Ruby / Rails, React, Elm, CSS, HTML - though since this is a new project if you are experienced with other suitable tools then we are open to alternatives.


Perfect command of English (written and spoken)

Invoicing structure and proper registration. Willingness to be paid in Ethereum would be a huge plus.

Permanent or contract are both possible. Full-time preferred, but part-time possible unless you already have a full-time job (no evenings and weekends workers).

To apply: Send a resume to luke.saunders@amazix.com

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