Linux Full Stack Developers (remote development)

VNN Inc · Jan 3rd 2018

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VNN is looking for experienced Linux full stack/PHP/Javascript Application developers. People who can make insightful, rapid, every-day decisions needed in a startup environment.

VNN enables athletic departments to leverage social technologies to promote their sports teams, in doing so crafting a unique and memorable experience for athletes. This person will be comfortable joining a small team leading that charge, based on a keen understanding of VNN’s business goals and strategy.

We need those who thrive on the pace of a start-up and embrace the many different roles they will have to play. Yet you will still be able to adapt processes and maintain strong design principles, making the trade-offs needed to meet timely delivery schedules.

While you’ll be responsible to work with a small team to ensure the successful execution of our technology strategy, you shouldn’t view yourself as a simple “developer”. Your success will also result from cultivating an ongoing relationship with operations, sales, marketing, technology partners, and advertisers leveraging those unique insights to craft user experience. Being able to work independently and in collaborative phases is a must.

While development is 100% a remote team, we prefer candidates who will travel to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the occasional in person planning meetings and company celebrations 2 or 3 times a year.

Skills & Requirements

The ideal candidate can currently describe themselves or wish to develop into the type of software professional defined here: What is a Full Stack Developer?

Preferred qualifications:

  • 4+ years experience application programming languages including PHP/MySQL 

  • Ability to program in various scripting languages: Angular, React, Ansible, NodeJS, Javascript etc

  • Working knowledge of LAMP or equivalent Linux Stack

  • Ability to change directions and priorities often and quickly

  • Strong written and spoken communication skills needed for the success of a remote group that leverages Slack and Hangouts

  • Interested in sports or related activities

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