Senior Quality Engineer

Seeq Corporation · Jan 3rd 2018

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Seeq is a data analytics startup. What makes us different is that we’re going after a big market that’s often overlooked by tech companies: industrial process data. Think pharmaceutical manufacturers, wind farms, and energy companies with tons of equipment and sensors. We’re applying a unique mix of technologies and a deep understanding of the problems faced by these industries to build and refine a product that's a huge leap over existing tools and methodologies.

Unlike roles with similar names at the other companies, Quality Engineers at Seeq aren't just manual testers. (Everyone pitches in to do manual testing.) You will understand our product to a level beyond most of your colleagues, and be the #1 advocate for quality. You will write testing scripts, advocate for testability, and create tools that the team can use to improve quality. You will navigate our codebase to identify weak spots and constantly design better and creative ways to break software and identify potential problems.

Our company is 100% remote. You can work anywhere in the US (we're staying in compatible timezones for now). We use a variety of collaboration tools, like Zoom and Slack, which makes us feel like we’re in the same building together. We have a stacked team of kind-hearted, talented engineers that love to collaborate, teach each other new tricks, and build products that far exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Java / JVM languages
  • NoSQL databases (Cassandra, Elasticsearch, JanusGraph)
  • Node.js / AngularJS / TypeScript
  • Python

You love software and technology, and you love great software design. You know a well-written API when you see one.

You are constantly finding ways to perfect your craft, be a better teammate, and come up with cool stuff.

You’re disciplined with a high attention to detail. You evangelize unit testing, continuous integration, and elegant solutions. You have an uncanny knack for finding bugs.

You use your knowledge of testing and testability to influence better software design, promote proper engineering practice, bug prevention strategies, testability, accessibility, security, and other advanced quality concepts.

You learn things quickly. You’re usually the one suggesting new technologies and raising the bar for the whole team. You listen really well, and you know how to make your ideas be heard without turning people off.

You’ve got a Bachelor’s, Masters or PhD in Computer Science or Engineering.

You want to work with the tech stack we listed above, and on cloud platforms like EC2/GCE/Azure. You may be an expert at one (or more!) of these.

You may or may not be Batman and/or Catwoman.

You are up for traveling periodically to hang out with your colleagues and get some face-to-face time.

You know how to balance life & work, and you don’t want a job that forces you to choose between them.

You want to work with a bunch of really smart people that love working together. And you want to work for a startup with good investors and a bright future.


Seeq is based in Seattle and founded by serial entrepreneurs. Our executive team and board of directors have extensive experience with successful startup ventures in high-growth environments. 

We are founded on the idea that companies need better solutions for quickly and easily getting business insight from their industrial process data. We are providing software and services that convert that data into meaningful information that the business can use to improve profitability.

We use the best modern big data technologies to bring industrial process data into the business decision process.

Our company is small, so we are serious about recruiting and retaining the best teammates. We think there are tons of benefits to working on exciting technology with a cohesive team and the flexibility to work from anywhere. Here are a few more benefits we have to offer: 

  • Salary plus equity incentives
  • Medical benefits, plus optional Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account programs to cover additional medical expenses
  • Optional life, disability, and personal accident insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Adoption assistance
  • Internet and mobile phone stipend
  • Unlimited time off
  • Company meetup events in destination locations
  • Cool co-workers


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