Data Engineer

Lynx Analytics · Jan 2nd 2018

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****Job Title: Data Engineer

Location: Europe

About the company

Founded in 2010, Lynx Analytics is a predictive analytics company run by world-class quantitative marketing scientists and industry experienced data scientists. Our focus is on solving big challenges primarily through the deployment of our proprietary big graph analytics platform, which is based on a powerful Hadoop and Apache Spark back-end.

Our head office is in Singapore and we have operations in Hong Kong, USA, Hungary, Indonesia and presence in a few other southeast Asian countries. Our teams' qualifications are global, including Professors, PhDs, MScs, and MBAs from Ivy League, INSEAD and NUS, as well as experience at blue-chip tech and analytics companies, and other start-ups. It is the combination of our insightful frameworks, product development capabilities, and these qualifications, which are the true value of Lynx's proposition.

Lynx Analytics technology is already deployed across the region for various clients, and there is significant growth potential for the company as well as numerous career opportunities as we scale up our operations.

Job description

Lynx Analytics is looking for a Software Engineer to work on automating and productizing advanced big data transformation and analytics pipelines. You would be working with standard big data technologies (Hadoop, Spark, etc) as well as our proprietary big graph analysis framework. The ideal candidate would be someone with onsite B2B experience while dealing with enterprise technology deployment. He/she should be able to liaise with internal technology teams and work in a multi-stakeholder environment.


  • Strong programming skills

  • Solid knowledge of Python and Java

  • Good understanding of the Linux operating system including basic sysadmin and shell scripting abilities

  • SQL

  • Experience in project delivery in a B2B setting

  • Good problem solving skills

  • Fluency in English

  • Willingness to travel


  • Experience in Big Data

  • Experience in data science or analytics

  • Industry experience in working for a big enterprise (like our clients)

What we offer:

  • Opportunity to work on creating innovative, bleeding edge data science pipelines using our state of the art, in-house built big graph tool

  • Work closely with the developers of the (big graph) tool you will be building upon

  • Be a member of a very strong team with mathematicians, ex-Googlers, Ivy League professors, INSEAD alumni business people and telco industry experts

  • Startup atmosphere

  • Competitive salary

  • Stock options for employees

  • Opportunity to travel (South East Asia, US, Europe, ...)

  • Flexible working hours, family-friendly workplace

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