Full Stack Web Developer with good UI/UX design experience

Radix DLT · Dec 6th 2017

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In R&D for 6 years, Radix is moving into launch mode for a completely new trustless Distributed Ledger Technology platform, designed from the ground up for speed and scalability.

We now want to move our Node management interface from a command line tools to a graphical user interface for setting up, testing and running Radix nodes. This will be critical to helping our beta testers run tests on the Radix network. It will also become our first wallet interface, as well as a way for users to send messages to each other!

You must also be a strong front-end developer, able to create intuitive dashboards that are responsive, informative and modular, as well as a very strong Javascript and/or TypeScript developer and all round technical problem solver. You should be comfortable writing your own libraries, and working within and outside of existing frameworks such as Angular.

You will be responsible for building the browser control panel that allows the monitoring and controlling of the Radix nodes; initially in a test environment, and eventually, a full production environment. 

For a very basic introduction to the Radix platform, here is a quick 2 minute video:

For a bit more of an in depth video, here is Radix CEO, Piers, speaking at a recent crypto conference in Amsterdam:

And to dive into the tech, here is the Radix consensus white paper: 


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