Senior Java Developer needed for a hyper-scale DLT / Blockchain company

Radix DLT · Dec 5th 2017

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In R&D for 6 years, Radix is finally coming moving into launch mode for a completely new trustless Distributed Ledger Technology platform, designed from the ground up to for speed and scalability.

Your role will be central to the further development and optimisation of the Radix Core. You will work side by side with the CTO and founder, Dan Hughes, refining the Radix DLT, stress testing, and ensuring all elements of Radix are as efficient and bug free as possible.

This is right on the cutting edge of crypto, distributed computing, and crypto-economics. It will included the moving of a large code base from a development to a production environment. Experience in security testing and commercial deployment of distributed systems is highly beneficial, as well as a sincere love of problem solving.

You should be an excellent Enterprise Java developer and problem solver, with a strong grounding in mathematics. Prior experience with cryptography and blockchain/DLT a plus.

For a very basic introduction to the Radix platform, here is a quick 2 minute video:

For a bit more of an in depth video, here is Radix CEO, Piers, speaking at a recent crypto conference in Amsterdam:

And to dive into the tech, here is the Radix consensus white paper:

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