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Redox · Dec 5th 2017

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Redox is an engineering-first company, building the future of healthcare information exchange. We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer to join our small and fast-paced team. In this position, you'll be creating the communication platform used by the entire healthcare software developer community.

At Redox, we have a culture of trust, transparency, and tireless personal growth.

Please Apply If You Are:

  • Passionate about solving complex problems and doing good
  • Intellectually curious with a genuine desire to learn
  • Experienced programming in some language
  • A good listener who shows respect to your colleagues
  • A believer in asking for forgiveness, not permission
  • Comfortable with uncertainty and turning complex problems into actionable plans


  • Build, design and architect large-scale systems
  • Ship infrastructure-as-code
  • Identify performance improvements in our infrastructure
  • Architect our infrastructure for high availability, disaster recovery, and fault tolerance
  • Manage your work while collaborating with and supporting your fellow team members

Preferred Experience:

  • Container and container orchestration stacks (Docker, LXC, Kuebernetes, Rancher, Swarm, etc.)
  • Cloud technologies (AWS, GCP, OpenStack, CloudStack, etc.)
  • Performance monitoring (DataDog, OpsGenie, Graphite, Perf, iPerf, etc.)
  • Distributed queue and datastores (Kafka, Rabbitmq, Redis, ElasticSearch, etc.)
  • Security experience

Our Tech

We build our architecture entirely on AWS using Docker and container orchestration to scale our applications; Rabbitmq and Redis are used as queuing systems for messages being processed within our application. We believe that infrastructure should be treated as code.

Check out our full stack here.

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