Front-end Web Designer

Optimal · Dec 2nd 2017

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Headquarters: Appleton WI URL:

Optimal is looking for an individual who is driven to create website user experiences that look amazing and encourage action. This individual should have solid experience with website design and UX. Qualified candidates need to have enough HTML/CSS experience to either develop their own product for the web, modify existing developed work, or efficiently facilitate the creation of their design with an experienced developer. This role involves assisting and collaborating with our talented team to create high-quality products that serve the goals we have for our clients.

In addition to serving as a front-end web designer, this individual would also manage their own small set of clients, as well as produce the majority of the work needed for those clients. We call this role at our company a Full-Stack Marketer. Everyone on our team serves the role of a Full-Stack Marketer to ensure we stay connected to the needs of our clients. Where skill gaps occur, or specific expertise is needed, the Full Stack Marketer can utilize our cross-functional team or our network of highly skilled contractors to produce quality work for our clients.

We're looking for an individual who is motivated by achieving success for clients, uses data and experience to drive their decisions, and desires to expand their digital marketing skill set.

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