DC Program Manager for Thinkful's Web Development Bootcamp

Thinkful Inc. · Sep 12th 2017

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Job Description

Every student who joins Thinkful’s Flexible Web Dev Bootcamp should graduate and find a job as a web developer. To achieve this, the Bootcamp Program Manager determines the student’s success in completing the program and becoming a competitive candidate. Successful students graduate with an exceptional portfolio, strong project management skills, and the confidence to network and interview.

Each student makes a serious commitment and life choice by joining this program. As Program Manager, you’ll act as an advisor, counselor, cheerleader, occasional instructor, and a lot more. You’ll engage students daily over chat, email, and video calls to set expectations, evaluate their work throughout the program, and resolve any issues they may encounter on their way to graduation. Design knowledge, programming skills, and product sensibilities are invaluable to helping students scope each project into a manageable product build.

The job has a lot of variability day-to-day with an emphasis on both hard and soft skills. You must be able to stay organized across a range of responsibilities. You’ll have the opportunity to conceive and pilot new features for the student experience, contribute to curriculum improvements, and train technical mentors to succeed with their students. You’ll also need a lot of energy and positivity to work with a wide variety of student personalities as well as the awesome team here at Thinkful.


  • Drive student success through any means necessary, including onboarding calls, 1-on-1 and group mentor sessions, as well as design and code reviews

  • Evaluate student progress and work to tailor the experience for each of your students

  • Lead a team of remote mentors

  • Keep your students engaged and motivated

  • Identify and resolve student issues

  • Anything and everything possible to drive successful outcomes for your students


  • 1+ years software engineering experience and a passion for building

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication

  • Creativity and flexibility in day to day problem solving

  • You enjoy working with people, not just putting your head down and programming

  • Teaching or counseling experience is a strong plus

Compensation and benefits

  • Competitive base salary and equity

  • Healthcare, Dental, and Vision insurance are 100% covered for individual


If you are interested in this position please email your resume and a short cover letter to instructors@thinkful.com.

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