Data Scientist

StreamDetroit · Sep 11th 2017

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Work alongside with our core product team and a Ph.D. in AI mentor.

We are building the next version (2.0) of our core Managerial Analytics product called Network Relationship Management.  

We are software engineers, statisticians, mathematicians, domain experts and analysts and are looking for someone who can add something new to the team.  

These are the kinds of things that we are working on this month:

  • Develop and foster services that will use data to create personalized and optimized experiences.

  • Develop KPIs and measures of success in a cross-platform world.

  • Support development of data tools, such as dashboards and A/B testing platforms

We work with Python, Node.js, Ruby and AWS along with Neo4J and TensorFlow

If you craft a couple of paragraphs explaining the work you are doing and how you think it can add value, then I (the hiring decision maker) will respond to your application and at least acknowledge you, starting the conversation.  Please point to some URLs to projects, research...anything that you are working on...I'll reciprocate.  You'd be surprised at how many random resumes I get that say literally nothing about the person.  I get it, sometimes it's like throwing a resume into a black hole, but take a few minutes to communicate with me as a person, and I'll return the favor.

Apply on StackOverflow Careers