Full Stack Engineer

On Running · Sep 8th 2017

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The Opportunity

Due to huge and rapid growth across On, we are looking for an experienced and agile engineer to join our team. Together with the digital team you will be responsible for running the global webshop, which is available in over 30 countries, building web applications and new digital products.

Your Responsibilities

• Maintaining and extending several web applications, which include front end, back end and infrastructure

• Supporting further growth by working on performance and reliability of digital products

Your Background

• You have a deep knowledge of Ruby On Rails

• You are experienced in responsive webdesign and have a solid technical understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript

• Modern front end development tools such as SASS, grid frameworks or client-side app frameworks (React, Ember, Vue) are no news for you

• Automated testing is an important part of your workflow and the terms TDD, Rspec, Capybara are familiar to you

• Knowledge of API design and interaction is desirable as our complete business landscape is built on the cloud. ERP, CRM and the finance system are sitting on the force.com platform (Salesforce)

• Fluent English and/or German skills

Besides the love of sport, we hope you bring

• 5+ years of experience in a leading web agency, digital company or an "on the edge" brand

• An agile and lean mindset with a hands-on approach

• A self-driven, entrepreneurial spirit with the excellent ability of problem solving: you enjoy coming up with creative solutions in a fast paced environment

• You are up to date with the latest digital trends as you will be a core shaper of the digital brand perception

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