React.js Developer IoT

Purepoint · Sep 7th 2017

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Location: Remote (must overlap with 9-5am UK working hours)

Purepoint specialise in building bespoke software for global businesses. We are remote-first by design and have a team of highly-skilled and multi-disciplined engineers. We are proponents of Agile methodologies and our primary focus is to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Currently, we are building applications which automate hundreds of thousands of smart homes. We are looking for a talented Software Engineer with a very strong Javascript background (4+ years) and commercial experience using React.js (2+ years).

This role is a full time, permanent, and remote role. Our remote-first team is spread across 14 different countries. Our HQ is based in London, UK. We would require you to visit the London office at least 1-2 times per year.

Skills & Qualifications

  • MUST HAVE: Excellent written and spoken English

  • MUST: 4+ years of Javascript experience

  • MUST: 2+ years of React.js framework experience

  • MUST BE: Strong with HTML5/CSS3, responsive design, cross-browser compatibility

  • MUST BE: Familiar with Test Driven Development

  • SHOULD BE: Experienced working in a team environment

  • SHOULD BE: Experienced working with complex server-side design

  • SHOULD BE: Competent at using Git

  • SHOULD BE: Experienced working with project management tools such as Jira and Trello


This role is perfect for a candidate that not only enjoys development, but also wants to have input on the best approach and implementation method. On a typical day you will:

  • Partake in morning stand-up with the team via video

  • Work from a pull-based backlog of tickets writing server-side application logic to connect smart home devices and allow users to make voice command requests

  • Implement integrations between hardware and other third party voice input units such as Amazon Echo and Google Home

  • Write efficient and testable code

  • Review PRs created by your fellow team members

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