Senior DevOps Engineer (Freelance)

CabForward · Sep 6th 2017

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Headquarters: Austin, Texas URL:

CabForward is a Digital Product Agency -- We build custom web apps, mobile apps and websites for our clients.

We work in the space between product strategy and interaction design with a broad spectrum of clients, from high-profile startups to publicly traded companies.

Our team creates success for our clients by driving digital transformation through the development of custom software products. These products are developed iteratively, which requires development operations, automation and continuous integration.

At CabForward, we believe in hiring transformative engineers, designers and marketers who have a passion for thoughtful client communications. We work remotely and that gives us the opportunity to work with the best team possible.


We are looking for DevOps Engineers

Technical Experience


  • 3+ years Linux host provisioning and administration (preferably web application and PostgreSQL database servers)
  • Very strong debugging and analysis skills
  • Comfortable independently analyzing issues in unfamiliar environments
  • Strong research skills, as needed
  • Can clearly communicate and document root cause analysis for distribution to clients and development team

Performance optimization in web applications

Applied understanding of development best practices

Applied understanding of security best practices in the context of web application development and Linux application and database servers

Mastery of Git SCM and GitHub

  • Git Flow
  • Branch and release management

Familiarity and experience using and managing task and project management software and services


  • Uses Linux/OSX as primary workstation
  • AWS
  • Heroku
  • Node.js/Express


  • Ruby on Rails development experience
  • Ansible
  • React.js
  • iOS application builds and distribution
  • Android builds and distribution

Soft Skills

  • High level of communication
  • Comfortable using Skype, Slack and Trello
  • Can reliably respond within 1h during business hours
  • Consistently available between 9am-5pm CST
  • Willing to seek input and delegate tasks when blocked
  • Professional, considerate, and respectful to clients
  • Professional, understanding, and transparent with management and colleagues

Experience interpreting customer requirements to create specifications and estimate level of effort

Can clearly document specifications, systems, processes, and API's using Markdown, Wiki (GitHub), Google Docs, or Swagger


We are looking for someone who:

  • We can rely on and can respond to queries within 1 hour during business hours
  • Is available 8-30h per week
  • Specializes in cloud environments
  • Understands the importance of documentation
  • Has an interest in security
  • Is comfortable working in small teams (meaning:)
  • Frequent communication
  • Can independently take a problem and bring it to resolution
  • Likes a variety of challenges
  • Likes to help and educate their colleagues

We do not need:

  • A traditional sysadmin (physical systems)
  • Weekend/night worker
  • Someone looking for a full time contractor or employee role

We are looking forward to hear from you!

To apply: Please send a resume to

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