Data & Integrations Engineer · Jul 12th 2017

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Hi future Ami and coworker :)

We're looking to hire a Data and Integrations Engineer to join our Operations team.

Here are a few examples of things you’d be doing around here:

  • **Own our business data and how it gets from A to B - **You’ll know everything about how our business data gets from the tools we use in to our data warehouse. Today we use tools like Segment, Stitch Data, Snowplow, Zapier and DBT as part of our data pipeline.
  • Instrumentation of the App. You’ll build expertise on how (the app) is instrumented and build and enhance  so that we can our teams can effectively use our own tool in new and innovative ways to trigger messages to customers.
  • Build custom tools and views from the data warehouse. You’ll find ways to get data from where we have it (like our data warehouse) to where it’s useful (like inside our Helpdesk software and at the fingertips of our technical support engineers.
  • Work with teams to make sure our new initiatives feed data in to our warehouse. For example, when we add a new initiative like a weekly webinar, you’ll advise and work with marketing to get data about the initiative flowing into the warehouse in a usable way.

Joining our team, you’ll report to Colin - our CEO and co-founder - and new dad!. You’ll work alongside our Supreme Data Overlord aka Data Analyst aka Julie Beynon as your partner in data crime (you won’t really be committing crimes) in service of the rest of the company.

There's a lot more information on our careers page, and some interesting questions for you to fill out when you apply.

To apply: Please apply directly at - if you have any questions about the post that we haven't covered please send me a message directly to

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