Senior iOS Developer

Fonteva, Inc. · Jul 10th 2017

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We are seeking a Senior Point of Sale Developer to develop and maintain the current POS system developed with Verifone. You will be responsible for updating, troubleshooting, developing and documenting your POS initiatives. The ideal candidate will be someone with strong software development skills.


  • Develop, upgrade and maintain Fonteva’s Point of Sale (POS) app with Verifone

  • Write software programs in JavaScript, HTML5, Objective-C, Swift or other languages

  • Work directly with appropriate personnel to understand project concept and objectives

  • Actively involved in iterative requirements, design, development, testing activities and deployment activities

  • Create design and technical document, while developing and working on the POS

  • Ability to understand and combine requirements for the POS from different customers/prospects

  • Design and develop clear and maintainable code

  • Interact with internal clients to clarify analyze, assess requirements

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