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npm · Jul 8th 2017

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npm is the world’s largest software repository, with 8 million users and over 10 billion downloads every month. We’ve got big plans for 2017, adding new features to our website and registry that will let JavaScript developers work better and faster. For that we need creative, experienced engineers. The npm Enterprise product (abbreviated as npmE) is a subset of npm’s registry services packaged to run as an appliance within the control of its customers. npmE allows companies to run their own API-compatible registries on their own infrastructure.

As an npmE engineer you will work with the rest of the services team to integrate work from the public registry into npmE and vice versa. At times, you will work one-on-one with our customers to assist them in installing the product or troubleshooting issues with their installation. You will then take those lessons back to improve the product or its documentation and make it even easier to use for the next customer. You’ll listen to our customers’ needs, and design features to better satisfy them.

We strongly believe that the best candidates can learn quickly, are compassionate and productive, and are self-motivated — regardless of experience. In this role, you will have both the freedom and the responsibility to make a significant impact on npm’s products. You’ll also get the chance to contribute to many of npm’s open source projects. Furthermore, you will be part of npm’s services team and contribute directly to npm’s public registry project.

Our services team values analysis, communication, action, sustainability, and reflection. We work collaboratively to find the best solutions to problems. We write constantly about what we do, both to improve our own thinking about it and to communicate with one another. We focus on tools and processes that support our work rather than on individual heroics. Because the team is small, we also value flexibility, scrappy problem solving, and continual process improvements. We manage the largest package repository in the world, and take that responsibility seriously. If we don’t fix it, nobody else will. Your work at npm will make every JavaScript developer in the world just a little bit faster and a little bit happier.

Our headquarters are in Oakland, California. The services team has members in Oakland, Seattle, Portland, Brooklyn, England, and Poznan. If you have experience working remotely, so do we. We cannot currently sponsor new work visas other than TN-1s, but we can transfer existing H-1Bs.

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